Can I still book Majorca Cycling with Ideal Travel ?

Yes of course you can !, but please read below about the training camps of old and where we are going forward ! We are happy to help you with......

  • * Bikes booked on the flight
  • * Shuttle or private transfers within Majorca
  • * Sample runs lists
  • * Bike friendly accommodation
  • * Help and advice

Soller Pass - Palma side

Ideal Travel - Majorca Training Camps

All good things must come to an end and that is probably the case for the Ideal Travel Majorca Training Camps. Over the years we have given many riders from professional to club cyclists, their first taste of riding in the beautiful Majorcan countryside.
For 25 years we had successful organised groups with mechanics, runs leaders and daily meetings, but subsequently,  we were unable to continue with the old format due to the current claim culture and difficulty with the necessary insurance.
However since then, we have still continued to book trips for many of you whether with the bike to Majorca or elsewhere without it, and that will still continue. Ideal Travel is a very busy, independent high street travel agents and Sophie and her team will be more than happy to help with any travel arrangements you may need help with, summer sun and winter sun holidays, skiing, cruising, long haul especially tailor made etc. 
So we hope to be hearing from you soon,  but in closing,  can I say a huge thank you to all those who helped and participated in our groups over the years. There were many characters and countless fantastic memories and I am very proud of what we achieved. 
So may you always have the sun on your face and the wind on your back ( not that it ever was coming home round the bay, eyeballs out,  trying to hang on to the wheel in front ! )
With my very best wishes for the future
Dave Cook 
Ideal Travel
01709 582322

One of my favourite spots,  the lovely view from the terrace at Muro

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